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  • NuWave lifestyle showing inside

    NUWAVE CPAP Accessory Sanitizer System - PLUS Unit

    By: Spirit Medical|Part #: 605-NW-PLUS

    • All-in-one CPAP accessory sanitizer
    • Effective and hassle-free sanitation
    • Promotes CPAP equipment hygiene
    • Comprehensive cleaning and disinfection
    • Convenient and versatile sanitation solution

    All-in-One CPAP Cleaning Solution

    Introducing the NUWAVE CPAP Accessory Sanitizer System - PLUS Unit, your...

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  • NuWave lifestyle travel

    NUWAVE CPAP Accessory Sanitizer System - Traveler Unit

    By: Spirit Medical|Part #: 605-NW-TRAVEL

    • Compact and portable CPAP accessory sanitizer
    • Advanced UV-C technology for thorough sanitization
    • Effortless, one-button operation for convenience
    • Enhances CPAP equipment longevity and hygiene
    • Ideal for on-the-go CPAP users

    Stay Healthy on the Go

    When it comes to maintaining your health and wellness...

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  • NuWave Combo

    NUWAVE CPAP Accessory Sanitizer System - Combo Unit

    By: Spirit Medical|Part #: 605-NW-COMBO

    + Product Information
    • Comprehensive CPAP accessory sanitation
    • Efficient, all-in-one cleaning system
    • Hassle-free maintenance for CPAP equipment
    • Combines cleaning and sanitizing functions
    • Promotes CPAP hygiene and safety


    Comprehensive CPAP Cleaning Solution

    Discover the ultimate CPAP accessory cleaning...
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  • NUWAVE Filter in Plus Unit

    NUWAVE Filters

    By: Spirit Medical|Part #: 605-CO-001

    • Advanced air filtration technology
    • Efficient particle removal
    • Improved indoor air quality
    • Easy replacement process
    • Enhanced home comfort

    Superior Air Filtration

    NUWAVE Filters offer advanced air filtration solutions to help you breathe cleaner and healthier air. Our filters are designed with...

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