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Your CPAP machine has filters that prevent dust, pollen, and other airborne debris from entering your airway while you sleep. It is important to change your filters regularly. Remember: regular supply replacement is essential to healthy & effective sleep therapy. So order your CPAP filters today and enjoy a better night's sleep!

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  • Eson Diffuser Filters - 10 Pack

    Eson Diffuser Filters - 10 Pack

    By: Fisher & Paykel|Part #: 400HC228

    • A pack of ten (10) diffuser filters and one filter cap for the Eson line of CPAP masks by Fisher & Paykel.
    • These filters catch fine particles when you exhale, and also quiet the sound of your breathing while using your mask.
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  • Sunset Dreamstation Pollen filter 2pk

    Sunset Reusable Filter for Philips Respironics Dreamstation -2 Pack

    By: Sunset Healthcare Solutions|Part #: CF1010F-2


    • Compatible with the Philips Respironics DreamStation CPAP and BiPAP machines
    • Efficient pollen filtration for CPAP
    • Enhanced sleep quality with filtration
    • Simple, convenient replacement process
    • Reusable two filters for continuous freshness

    Unmatched Air Quality Enhancement

    Introducing the Sunset...

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  • Luna CPAP Filter by Sunset Healthcare

    Sunset 3B Luna Disposable CPAP Filter

    By: Sunset Healthcare Solutions|Part #: CF8005-1

    • Hypoallergenic filtration for clean CPAP air
    • Sunset Luna G2: Odorless and scent-free
    • Hassle-free disposable design
    • Single-pack convenience for easy replacements
    • Enhance sleep quality with reliable filtration

    Say Goodbye to Allergens and Dust

    The Sunset Luna G2 Disposable Filter (1/pk) is your ticket...

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  • Sunset Evenflo Long Life;Filter

    Sunset EverFlo Long Life;Filter

    By: Sunset Healthcare Solutions|Part #: BF1001

    • Replacement intake filter for the Respironics EverFlo Oxygen Concentrator.
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  • Sunset Resmed S9 Filter

    Sunset Ultrafine Disposable Filters for ResMed AirSense 10 and S9 Series

    By: Sunset Healthcare Solutions|Part #: CF2107-1

    • Enhanced filtration for cleaner air
    • Easy-to-install and disposable
    • Compatible with AirSense 10 & S9
    • Six filters per pack
    • Good sleep with reduced allergens

    Experience Cleaner CPAP Air

    Elevate your CPAP therapy with Sunset Ultrafine Disposable Filters. Designed specifically for use with the ResMed...

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  • Disposable Filters for Air 10 and S9 Series

    Disposable Standard Filters for AirSense™ 10, AirStart™ 10, AirCurve™ 10, and S9 Series CPAP Machines (12 pack)

    By: ResMed|Part #: 36852

    • Filters are the first line of air filtration defense for your CPAP system and should be replaced when dirty or every month.
    • Standard filters trap large floating particles such as cat hair and dander.
    • Your machine will typically come with a standard filter.
    • Manufactured by Generic.
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  • DreamStation Go 30-day Fine Filter

    DreamStation Go 30-day Fine Filter

    By: Philips Respironics|Part #: 1133744

    • Lasts a full 30 days
    • Traps dust, pollen, and allergens effectively
    • Simple integration into your CPAP device
    • Ensures consistent, clean airflow
    • Reduces filter replacement frequency

    Discover Clean and Refreshing Air

    Introducing the DreamStation Go 30-day Fine Filter, your ticket to an uninterrupted night...

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  • DreamStation Reusable Pollen Filter

    DreamStation Reusable Pollen Filter

    By: Philips Respironics|Part #: 1122446

    • Efficient pollen capture for cleaner air
    • Washable and reusable design
    • Compatible with ResDreamStation devices
    • Durable for extended use
    • Allergen-free, eco-friendly filtration solutios

    Experience Fresh and Clean Air

    Say goodbye to sneezing fits and stuffy noses with the ResDreamStation Reusable Pollen...

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  • Sunset Dream Station Ultra Fine Filters 6pk

    Sunset Disposable Ultra-fine Filter for Philips Respironics Dreamstation

    By: Sunset Healthcare Solutions|Part #: CF1010

    • Disposable filters compatible with Philips Respironics CPAP Machines 
    • Enhanced CPAP air filtration performance
    • Available in 2 or 6 packs for continuous use
    • Improved sleep quality, cleaner air
    • Convenient filter replacement solution

    Enhanced Air Filtration

    Experience fresh air with the Sunset...

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  • F&P SleepStyle Air Filters

    Fisher & Paykel SleepStyle CPAP Air Filter (2pack)

    By: Fisher & Paykel|Part #: 900SPS110

    This 2 pack of ultra fine filters are designed for use with the Fisher & Paykel SleepStyle Auto CPAP Machine. Ultra fine filters are disposable; for optimal performance they should be changed regularly when they appear soiled or discolored.

    The air filter is located at the rear of the device....

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  • Breas Polyester Filters for Z1 and Z2 CPAP Machines by Breas (2-pack)

    Breas Polyester Filters for Z1 and Z2 CPAP Machines by Breas (2-pack)

    By: Breas|Part #: 005788

    • High-quality polyester filters for Z1 and Z2
    • Improved air filtration for cleaner breathing
    • Convenient 2-pack for extended use
    • Easy to install and replace
    • Enhance CPAP machine performance

    Breathe Easier with Breas Polyester Filters

    Keep your Z1 and Z2 CPAP Machines at peak performance with the Breas...

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  • DreamStation Go Reusable Pollen Filter

    DreamStation Go Reusable Pollen Filter

    By: Philips Respironics|Part #: 1133743

    The Reusable Foam Filter for DreamStation Go CPAP Machines (2 Pack) is a 2 pack of washable, reusable filters for use with the DreamStation Go Auto Travel CPAP Machine from Philips Respironics.

    These filters are only compatible with the DreamStation Go machines and will not work with any other...

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  • NUWAVE Filter in Plus Unit

    NUWAVE Filters

    By: Spirit Medical|Part #: 605-CO-001

    • Advanced air filtration technology
    • Efficient particle removal
    • Improved indoor air quality
    • Easy replacement process
    • Enhanced home comfort

    Superior Air Filtration

    NUWAVE Filters offer advanced air filtration solutions to help you breathe cleaner and healthier air. Our filters are designed with...

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  • Sunset Luna G3 Reusable Filter - 1/pk

    Sunset Luna G3 Reusable Filter

    By: Sunset Healthcare Solutions|Part #: CF8006F-1

    • Eco-friendly CPAP filter solution
    • Sustainable, reusable design
    • Fits various CPAP machine models
    • Eliminates allergens and dust particles
    • Easy installation for better sleep

    Experience Cleaner and Healthier Sleep

    Discover a revolutionary solution to enhance your CPAP therapy with the Sunset Luna G3...

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  • Transcend Air Mist 4 Pack

    Transcend Air Mist 4 Pack

    By: Transcend|Part #: 505014

    • Waterless Humidification System
    • Connects to all CPAP masks with 22mm connections
    • A versatile solution for users who lack access to heated humidification. 
    • Replaceable cartridges are good for up to 7 days once opened
    • Choose between 4, 8, or 12 AirMist Cartridges 


    The Transcend AirMist HME (Heat...

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