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  • Pill Organizer 7 Day Mediplanner

    Pill Organizer 7 Day Mediplanner

    By: Carex Health|Part #: AX-70069B

    • Manage your daily medication routine easily with the 7-Day Mediplanner®.
    • A convenient way to organize your pills or vitamins within a drawer or on your counter for convenience.
    • The lids are easy to open but keep your pills secure.
    • Contoured design for easy pill removal.
    • See-through lids for easy...
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  • Pill Organizer 7-Day AM/PM XL Detach N'Go

    Pill Organizer 7-Day AM/PM XL Detach N'Go

    By: Carex Health|Part #: AX-DGF00203

    • Designed to offer you complete flexibility, the 7-Day AM/PM XL Detach N' Go Pill Organizer helps you never miss a day of medication.  
    • The snap-on lids form a tight seal to keep medication secure and each compartment interlocks to form a full week or detaches for individual days.  
    • Perfect for...
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  • Pill Organizer Medi Tray

    Pill Organizer Medi Tray

    By: Carex Health|Part #: AX-70027L

    • The Medi Tray features easily removable, individual day planners making it convenient to carry your daily medication regimen wherever you go.
    • Each of the four tabbed compartments opens easily and snaps securely shut.
    • They feature Braille markings and raised letters for the sight impaired.
    • Be sure...
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  • Pill Splitter Deluxe

    Pill Splitter Deluxe

    By: Carex Health|Part #: AX-70058

    • The unique V-shape design of the Deluxe Pill Splitter grips the pill and allows the user to cut medication doses in half with accuracy.
    • It can also be used by those who have difficulty swallowing pills. 
    • Optical grade polycarbonate.
    • Flexible V-shape holder grips all size pills firmly for accurate...
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  • Ultra Pill Crusher

    Ultra Pill Crusher

    By: Carex Health|Part #: AX-70071

    • The Ultra Pill Crusher is specifically designed for those suffering from weakened grip or arthritis.
    • The Apex Pill Crusher uses an inverse molding process creating a tight seal which allows the user to gradually apply more pressure until the pills have fully converted into powder form.
    • The...
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