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Discover the Best CPAP Supplies for Effective Sleep Apnea Therapy at ShopRotech
At ShopRotech, we offer an extensive range of CPAP supplies to optimize your sleep apnea therapy. Our comprehensive selection includes hoses & tubing, filters,  humidifiers, and CPAP Machine Parts ensuring that all your CPAP needs are met conveniently in one place.

We understand that selecting the right CPAP supplies can be overwhelming. That's why our expert team is always on hand to assist you. We'll take the time to understand your unique requirements and recommend the supplies that best suit your needs. Whether you're seeking a new mask, filter, or simply need to replenish your existing supplies, we're here to guide you.

All of our CPAP supplies are designed with a focus on quality, reliability, and safety for your equipment. Rest assured that when you choose our products, you're investing in the highest standard of supplies for your sleep apnea therapy.

At ShopRotech, we're dedicated to delivering exceptional service and support. With our multiple shipping options, hassle-free returns, and outstanding customer service, you can rely on us to provide you with an unparalleled shopping experience.

Invest in top-notch CPAP supplies from ShopRotech and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with maintaining your equipment's health and your own well-being. Explore our selection of CPAP supplies today to find the perfect fit for your requirements.

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  • SleepRes VCOM for CPAP

    SleepRes V-COM™ for CPAP

    By: SleepRes|Part #: 1004

    • Innovative flow attenuator for therapy comfort
    • Softens peak inspiratory flow
    • Prioritizes therapy efficacy
    • Contributes to a more comfortable and user-friendly treatment experience

    SleepRes V-Com™ for CPAP is a carefully designed device that sits between your mask and machine, enhancing comfort during...

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  • Transcend Micro Essentials Pack

    Transcend Micro Essentials Pack

    By: Transcend|Part #: 505042

    • The Transcend Micro Essentials Pack provides all the essential accessories you need for your Transcend Micro
    • Great value for the amount of accessories you get
    • Includes a muffler kit, hose holders, HME pack, plug adapters, air filters, and a travel pouch
    • The HME is an excellent accessory for...
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  • Transcend Micro Travel Case Closed

    Transcend Micro Travel Case

    By: Transcend|Part #: 505008

    • Safeguard your Transcend Micro CPAP during travel with this multi-compartmented travel bag designed for on-the-go protection
    • Constructed with a durable outer padded material, it ensures the safety of your CPAP device
    • An inner mesh section helps organize all your CPAP supplies and accessories,...
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  • Transcend Micro™ Resupply Pack

    Transcend Micro™ Resupply Pack

    By: Transcend|Part #: 505043

    • Offers a convenient and cost-effective solution for you to get your typical resupply items
    • The muffler reduces sound levels significantly
    • The AirFlex™ hose is 6 feet long, lightweight and flexible
    • The AirMist™ HME filters stop dry mouth when combined with the HME housing adapter *Not included
    • The...
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  • Transcend PowerAway™ Battery

    Transcend PowerAway™ Battery

    By: Transcend|Part #: 505001

    • The Transcend PowerAway™ Battery offers portable power on demand
    • With its sleek and compact design, this battery pack easily slips into your bag or pocket
    • Featuring high-capacity lithium-ion cells, it delivers over two nights of use on a single, 4-hour charge
    • One of the lightest CPAP batteries on...
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  • Transcend Solar Battery Charger

    Transcend Solar Battery Charger

    By: Transcend|Part #: 503056

    • The Transcend Solar Battery Charger efficiently charges devices on the go, providing renewable energy wherever you go
    • Compact and lightweight, this charger is designed for portability, fitting seamlessly into your outdoor adventures
    • With its durable build, it withstands the rigors of outdoor...
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