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  • Liviliti Paptizer UV Sanitizer - Ozone & Mercury Free CPAP Cleaner Image 4

    Liviliti Paptizer UV Sanitizer - Ozone Free CPAP Cleaner

    By: Liviliti|Part #: T5L

    • Just 3 Min.: Sanitize CPAP equipment, supplies, and personal items, e.g., TV remotes, phones, and more
    • Lab Tested: Proven 99.9% bacteria, germ, and virus elimination in 3 min.
    • Hospital-Grade UV-C LEDs: Destroys bacteria effectively
    • Odor-Free: UV-C waves reduce odor that can't be washed away
    • Safe &...
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  • Liviliti CPAP Soap and Bubble Pads 90 day Resupply

    Liviliti CPAP Soap and Bubble Pads Resupply

    By: Liviliti|Part #: SOAP90

    • Purchase: 3-month supply of 13 CPAP Soap Bubble Packets and 90 CPAP Soap Bubble Pads in 3 jars of 30 each, with 6 and 12-month options.
    • Designed for hygiene and equipment longevity
    • The soap packets provide a gentle yet thorough cleaning solution to enhance your respiratory health
    • Non-allergenic,...
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