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  • 1000 No Rinse Wipe

    NO RINSE Bathing Wipes 8ct

    By: No Rinse|Part #: NR-01000

    • One pack provides a complete bath (8 wipes).
    • No water necessary.
    • Ready to use cloths.
    • Aloe & Lanolin enriched.
    • Alcohol Free.
    • Cleans and deodorizes leaving skin refreshed and odor-free.
    • Saves time and resources.
    • Can be warmed in microwave.
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  • 900 No Rinse Body

    NO RINSE Body Bath

    By: No Rinse|Part #: NR-00900

    • No rinsing is required.
    • Concentrated formula.
    • Mix just one ounce with water for a complete basin bath.
    • Leaves skin clean, refreshed & odor-free.
    • No rinsing is required.
    • No alcohol means no dryness.
    • Gentle on sensitive skin.
    • Safe and effective perineal cleanser.
    • Use full strength as a liquid soap
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  • NO RINSE Peri-Wash 8OZ

    NO RINSE Peri-Wash 8OZ

    By: No Rinse|Part #: NR-00700

    • Ready to use.
    • Absolutely no rinsing required.
    • Cleans and deodorizes.
    • No alcohol means no dryness.
    • Gentle on sensitive skin.
    • Contains Aloe and Vitamin E Moisturizes as it cleans.
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  • 100 No Rinse

    NO RINSE Shampoo

    By: No Rinse|Part #: NR-00100

    • Ready To use .
    • Completely cleans hair without water.
    • Absolutely no rinsing is required.
    • Just apply, massage into hair, towel dry, and style.
    • Hospital tested and approved.
    • No alcohol means no dryness.
    • The ingredients in No Rinse Shampoo produce a cleansing action that leaves hair fresh, clean and odor...
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  • 2000 No Rinse

    NO RINSE Shampoo Cap

    By: No Rinse|Part #: NR-02000

    • Ready to use Patented, one piece design transfers massaging action directly to hair and scalp.
    • Put cap on, massage until clean,remove and towel dry.
    • Shampoo and condition hair with no water, no mess, no rinsing.
    • May be warmed in a microwave to provide a warm comfortable patient shampooing...
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